Becoming a Mayberrys Fashion Stylist can not only make you look and feel more beautiful but provides you the opportunity to pass it on, helping your customers, friends, family and associates feel more beautiful too! On the surface we are in the "fashion business" providing the latest head-to-toe trends. However, at our core we're in the " business of empowering women " to attain the level of financial freedom they desire. Our mission is to improve the lives of women across Canada and continental USA, and we can’t wait for you to come on board.






  • What does it mean to be an Independent Stylist?
  • As an Independent Stylist with Mayberrys, you represent our line of fashions and accessories. You have the options of selling through your own Mayberrys website, at home parties and with Elite status in public markets and events. You take control and decide when and how much time you want to invest in your business. Our Stylist program allows you to create a business that fits your lifestyle, scaling your status up or down as you please. We have no hidden cost or monthly fees … you simply choose and pay for whatever you buy!

    As an Independent business person you are at least 18 years of age, have a US or Canadian SSN or SIN number and are responsible to record and report your business activity on your annual income tax return. All company commissioned earnings will be tracked and you will be provided a year-end statement of earnings for tax filling.

    All Canadian customers must pay GST. We charge you the 5% GST that you in turn recover from charging your customers the same. US customers pay no tax or import duties.
  • Do I need to have Sales experience?
  • Absolutely not. You do not require any sales experience. Frankly most of our products really do sell themselves and all you do is add your passion and time into networking and marketing on social media. And, if you love to show n’ tell in person you’ll want to throw your passion in to hosting Mayberrys home fashion parties and selling as a Mayberrys vendor in public markets and events.
  • How do I go about hosting a party?
  • Hosting a Mayberrys Fashion Party is super easy and fun! Within our start-up guide provided in your back office you can review the general steps and ideas to make it a success. Whether a home or online party it's as simple as jotting down names in each of your social circles such as friends, family, and neighbors and asking them to host a Mayberrys Fashion Party. We recommend starting with your "sure bets", i.e. your relatives, close friends, or neighbors directing them to your website to check out all your fabulous fashions and the Free Fashion Rewards they can earn. Typically at home parties our Stylists sell-out almost everything they bring and also take orders from their website and get paid in advance. So, customers get styled, your Hostess earn free fashion, and you earn a great profit and or commission on all sales. Everyone wins at a Mayberrys Party!

    What you’ll really love is that for all our Stylist's online parties Mayberrys covers the cost of your Hostess Free Rewards and ships their fashion rewards directly to them at no cost to you!
  • Can I just sell online?
  • Absolutely, and becoming a Lead Stylist you earn the same online commissions as all our Stylists. When you join as an Independent Mayberrys Lead Stylist, you will have the ability to sell friends and family in person and sell online through a special link to your own named url Mayberrys website. There your customers can order and pay online and they get they're order shipped direct by Mayberrys. Driving customers directly to your site using your special link is easy! Just post it on your personal Facebook page and other social sites along with a picture or two of new items that you can copy from your website. When your visitors click and buy on your website you earn a huge 20% commission that automatically tracked in your back office. It’s just that easy!
  • Why would I want to sponsor other Stylists?
  • Sponsoring new Stylists is not mandatory, however just referring Mayberrys home-based business opportunity is an easy and wonderful way to earn more income other than just personal selling. What can be really beneficial is your ability to earn Stylist sign-up commissions and monthly bonuses. Plus, all Stylists that sponsor earn "passive" royalty commissions that depending on your efforts can add up to be more than what you can generate on your own sales efforts. The difference between thinking about it and doing it, can mean a part or full time income earned from the efforts of your sponsored Stylists. All you have to do is introduce them to your Mayberrys website which explains the opportunity and possibly a little mentoring help along the way.
  • So how much can I really earn?
  • It's really up to you decide. Earning results are matched by the Stylist status you choose and the efforts you make. Some Stylists just work from home selling only online and make part to full time incomes. If you’re an outgoing person that likes to show n’ tell, our Home Fashion Parties are very popular and typically generate between $500-$1000 in total sales for which you can earn between $100-$500+ for just a few hours work! Stylist can earn a few hundred a month for fun money while others can bring in thousands. Plus, if you choose to build a Stylist team you can earn from to 3-5% on all your directly sponsored Stylists and 1-3% on your entire team's volume. Your earning opportunity really is endless, and if you are aggressive and consistent you can earn up to 3 Free Trips per year with our Master Rewards program.
  • How and when do I get paid?
  • On your own personal stocked inventory you collect your profit directly from your customers with each sale. All company commissions generated due from your website sales automatically processed in to your account within 2-weeks of sale and can be transferred into your back-office account wallet to redeem towards your wholesale purchases at any time. Earnings over you monthly minimum you can request payout for on the 10th of every calendar month via PayPal and/or E-transfer in Canada.
  • How do you ship and what is the cost?
  • Our standard carriers in Canada is Canada Post and USPS in continental US. We ship your order within 1-3 business days. US orders are shipped on Tuesdays and Thursdays from our US facility in Cutbank Montana. Holidays and weekends are not business days. Order confirmation will be provided via email after your order is placed. A shipping confirmation email will be sent when your order ships. The following day (24 hours) you'll receive a separate email update with a tracking number allowing you to look-up the estimated arrival day.

    We've made your cost of shipping easy to calculate using flat rate shipping based on the order value being shipped.

    Flat Rate Shipping

    Envelope $0-100.00 = $7.99
    $101.00 - $200.00 = $14.99
    $201.00 - $300.00 = $24.99
    $301.00 - $400.00 = $29.99
    $400.00 + = $34.99

  • How do I get started and what can I expect?
  • Getting started is simple and fast. Just use the Stylist Inquiry form below and you will typically receive a response within 24 hours. If you are approved you will be sent and email with a link to create an account and make your Stylist status sign-up purchase. From then you have "7 Days" to complete sign-up or you may risk losing your approval to another applicant for your area. Payment can be made by major credit or debit card or Paypal. Once processed you will get an automatic email welcoming you and giving you access to your Mayberrys back office and replicated website. Then just login and upload your photo and click launch my website. You'll immediately see your own website with your Stylist "Hello" photo and first name greeting in the header.

    From there everything is automated for you and you are ready to start your marketing. Just copy your own name URL and begin posting it to your social sites and watch your sales roll-in!. Within 24 hours check your back office "wallet" and you will see the retail $ value credit associated with your Stylist sign-up offer. You are then ready to place your first order and just select your Wallet funds for payment at checkout. Once placed, your order will be processed and shipped within 1-3 business days and will also contain your Stylist starter promo kit. From there you can create your official Mayberrys Stylist Facebook page for further marketing.
  • How do I manage my Stylist business?
  • We have made how you manage your business simple and efficient. Once you've signed-up, you'll get an automatic email welcoming you, and giving you access to your Mayberrys back office. Immediately from your dashboard, you'll access your start-up information including FAQ and support articles, and with a click of a button you'll launch your own URL replicated Mayberrys website and store. Your back office is your complete business management center that automates your systems and is where you place your orders, manage your parties, contact us and connect with your sponsored team, and even fellow Mayberrys team Stylist right across Canada and continental US. Plus, at just a glance you'll see real-time stats on your new and month-to-date site visitors, sign-up customers and sponsored Stylist, website orders and earned commissions.
  • Is there a minimum to stay an active Stylist?
  • Yes, we do want committed Stylists, but it is very flexible. Active status is required of all Stylists to maintain their website, ability to place discount orders, receive all earning payouts, and maintain their protected area and their sponsored team. Active status requires a Stylist make a minimum $ value personal order OR or have the equal $ value minimum in total online sales within each calendar month. That minimum per order $ amount is based on the Stylist status as follows in Canadian Funds:  Lead Stylist = $100.00   Star Stylist = $200.00   Elite Stylist = $300.00

    Mayberrys provides its Stylists great services and benefits which are provided Free while active Stylist status is maintained. For "any" reason active status in not maintained within a single calendar month a service charge of $25.00 will become due and payable is not refundable. Failure to submit payment may put your account on hold until payment is received. Policy on further lengths of in-activity are covered in our Independent Stylist Agreement provided at sign-up.
  • What is your Return Policy?
  • We'd like to say that our clothes will never have defects, but like everyone in the fashion industry where products are mass produced it will happen and sometimes just more often than others. Per our policy we exchange all defective products at no-charge.

    To comply with our return policy, a Stylist and their customers should examine their purchased items as soon as your receive them so that they are able to report any defects within 7 days of receipt. However, we do not require that the item be physically returned within the 7 day window, just reported. We ONLY accept returns for items within manufacture defects, have not been worn, (tried on is fine) altered or washed, and all sewn-in tags must be attached. Once a product has been washed, we will NOT accept them for return as we have no control in the adherence of the recommended washing instruction.

    All returns require and MRA # that you request using our Returns Form found on our Return Policy link in the footer of our website below. Please use the note section to list the returns by order and style # and beside each a brief description of the defect. All returns must be returned pre-paid within a maximum 30-days from the MRA issue date. Only 1 MRA shipping cost credit equal to $1.00 per item will be issued per month on approved items to maximum of $25 with $5 as a minimum. Any exceptions made to our policy will be warranted on a case by case basis where untypical circumstances has been a factor and will only be valid by pre-authorization in writing.
  • Is there any penalties if I decide to quit?
  • Absolutely not. Just send us an email and it’s done. Provided you are in active status when you quit you will be credited all outstanding earnings due to you, but if not in active status, all outstanding earnings will be forfeited.
  • Do you support Stylists sign-ups in the US?
  • Yes, effective October 1, 2016 Mayberrys is proud to welcome Stylists applications in all continental United States. This means all mainland states that are not islands. The Stylist program works the exact same with only the following differences.


    All financial transaction including product purchases, refunds and commission earnings are converted from Canadian Dollars to US Dollars at your payment processor’s current rate of exchange. Mayberrys has not control over this exchange rate but generally is within 1% of googles daily rate exchange. When placing orders in our web/store we recommend you select the US Dollars filter found in the top right hand corner of our web/store which will display Googles current daily conversion rate to which will be the estimated converted cost of each item.


    All orders including Stylists, Hostess and retail Customer orders are shipped via USPS from our facility located in Cutbank, Montana. Orders placed form Thursday to Sunday are fulfilled and shipped on the following Tuesday and all order placed on Mondays to Wednesday are fulfilled and shipped on the following Thursday.


    Our US return policy and procedures is same as posted on the footer of our website with the only difference being our return shipping location being Mayberrys Ltd. 3801 Chalk Butte Road, Cut Bank, MT. 59427 United States


    Our Stylist rewards program remains the same with the exception of our monthly Top Stylist program. Until such time as we have an adequate number of qualifying Stylist participation. However Mayberrys will be monitoring all US Stylists and awards will be issued at the sole discretion of Mayberrys for outstanding performance.
  • I have different question. Can I call you?
  • Were sorry, we do not offer call support as we always like to have a record of our communications, but we do answers more questions on our Contact Us page. If not found there you’ll find we are very efficient in answering all questions you may have emailing us using our contact form.

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