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  • Who should host a Mayberrys Fashion Party?
  • We’ll for starters any ladies that love leggings! We pride ourselves on having the largest selection in Canada and something for everyone ... from a classy woman, to the athletes, to 70’s lovers to the fresh-from-college hipster and everyone else in between. We even offer styles for little girls and tweens.
  • Where can I host a Mayberrys Party?
  • If it’s a home party and you have a living area with a coffee table or a kitchen with a big table you have all the space you need. It’s all about connecting with friends in a warm, personal environment. While the home environment is best, our Stylists will accommodate an office conference room for a lunch hour or after work party, or really any location that is safe and easy to access.

    For our online parties it’s a snap and your Stylist will provide you a link to send all your invitees!
  • How will my Stylist handle invitations?
  • Once you’ve made arrangements on an agreeable date and time, your Stylist will help you create a personalized invitation message to email and or post on social media. If you are not familiar on how to do that, she’ll help you with that too.
  • How many guests should I invite?
  • Our Stylists like to see a minimum of 10 guests confirmed but are still grateful for as many show-up. We find that on average you will have 20% guests be no shows so it always best to add at least 20% more guests to your list than what you want to attend. Our Stylists love to party so really the more the merrier and the more Free Fashion Reward you'll likely earn!
  • Should I server food and drinks?
  • Yes for sure! We suggest light refreshment appetizers and drinks. Nuts, cheese and crackers, or cookies are popular options. We encourage you not to go overboard with food; keep refreshments super simple. People are often so busy trying on clothes that they don't eat much at our parties.
  • How will I be matched with a Stylist
  • Once you have completed our short "Home Party Request" form below you will be connected with our Stylist nearest you who will contact you directly. If by chance you were already recommended a Stylist then you may contact her directly. If you wish to host an ONLINE
  • What will my Stylist bring to show n’ sell?
  • Given enough advance notice (usually 7-10 days) our Stylist are typically well prepared for your Party already discussing with you what type of ladies will be attending and what you feel they will be most interest in and tailoring that information to what they bring. Generally it’s mostly leggings and with enough styles and quantity for sales of 2-4 per guest. Some Stylists will also compliment their leggings with collection of tops and other fashion accessories. No worries though, as anything she doesn’t have available on hand guests can browse her website and she’ll take orders on the spot and make sure they get delivered asap.
  • Can my no-show guests still add to my party sales?
  • Yes, if the guest/s who couldn’t make your party contacts the Stylist by next day with an order, she typically has enough time to credit it to your party sales total.
  • How much can I earn and how soon will I get it?
  • Whether you Host a home or online line party the Free Fashion you will earn is a dollar value based a % of your Party's total sales. The % is based on following 3 increment levels: $250-$500 = 10%, $501-$1000 = 15% and $1001. up = 20%. For home parties your Stylist for will do her best to provide your free items from her inventory at hand but will take your order for any balance due you and will be delivered with the rest of your party's orders.

    For an online party your Free Rewards are issued with an account credit sent to you directly from Mayberrys. The credit value can be redeemed for any products on the website but taxes and shipping is not included. Once you submit your order online your order will be fulfilled and shipped to you directly from Mayberrys. Any follow-up with your order or products is handled directly by Mayberrys.
  • What differs between a home or online party?
  • Home parties are by far the most fun and typically generate the most sales because of that magical touch of personal styling with friends and trying things on ... as you just never know what your guests will fall in love with!

    Online parties are also very popular, especially for women on the go and the best way to make sure you don't miss out on hosting a Mayberrys party and earning Free Fashion. Online parties can run from 1-10 days and typically do not generate quite as much as home parties but they are super easy and convenient, plus you’ll still benefit the same party host rewards and your Stylist will help every step of the way.


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